The Look of Love




  1. One of my favourite performers.

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  2. Saw her in Durham NC with my father. No words – just closed my eyes and soared!

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  3. After dinner mellow … feels good 😎


  4. love her

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  5. Great entertainer, loved it.

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  6. My husband and I didn’t realize how lucky we were to see her long ago at the Litchfield Jazz Festival until much later. I can listen to her any time, any place. Perfect.
    (Fun! You have the same initials!)

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  7. LOVE her!!

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  8. christinesat says:

    Smooth… What a voice! I didn’t know her. Just the right song for a winter morning. Thank you David, for bringing new pictures, poems, music and POV’s (Ha, I’ve learned it !) into my life.

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    • You didn’t know her!?! OMG. Then I’m so glad that I introduced her to you. Christine, be sure that you hit the link at the bottom of the post (“Related Posts”) to see my other Diana Krall posts. And thanks for the kind words Christine.


  9. She is brilliant, and evokes a kind of “old school” jazz.

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  10. Roberta Oles says:

    Thank you very much

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  11. A fan of Burt Bacharach.and his genius for sure…Dusty Springfield’s “Look of Love” I love… “Cry Me a River” sung by Joan London is amazing…I have over time listened to and tried to like Diana Krall’s voice and I just don’t…I just don’t hear any passion.

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  12. Having different opinions and likes is inevitable. I like James Hunter, the British singer, He didn’t do it for you…. I think you will enjoy listening to these tunes by the American Jazz singer, Melody Gardot.(she also plays the piano) “Worrisome Heart” my favorite though I think most people might prefer her song “Who Will Comfort Me” the musicians who accompany her are amazing. Her Backstory is amazing. How she rose against such a challenge. This is the link for
    “Who Will Comfort Me”

    and the link for “Worrisome Heart” is below

    I think I passed on in an email a link to the singer Andra Day? So uniquely amazing.
    Sun is a shinning here today! Cold though.
    Oh, “I’m not a fan of London or Springfield.” Not following you. Maybe you are thinking of another contributor? Are London and Springfield musicians, as well as locations?

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  13. A voice like warm caramel. Just love her. Melody Gardot touches the same nerve…. 🙂

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