It’s been a long day! (Hit it Moji! Hit it!)

No one’s going to cry for me if you don’t…
If you’ve got a minute,
if you’ve got a space in your heart
Keep my memory
Don’t let me fall behind, no, no, don’t let me fall behind…




  1. Two things happen when I read your blog:
    I’m convinced I must surely live on my own little speck of sheltered and mundane earth. And two, I’m so happy to be enlightened by your world! Where do you find this music that makes me smile so???

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  2. Ditto to lisanne’s comment!

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  3. She’s got IT…wow

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  4. preach. couldn’t stop listening.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Love it!! I can’t quit listening either!

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  6. Love her!!

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  7. Loved this!!

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