Running. Grounded by Stillness.


15° F, feels like 5° F. Winter.

Gazing out the window with Haight: “How is it that the snow amplifies the silence…

Fox, with its long bushy tail, glances right furtively, tip toes through the snow and disappears.

Finches flutter to the feeders, feed, then flit away. Seeds darken the fresh snow below.

A shovel scrapes a driveway down the street, scarring the silence of the morning. Plows awaken in the distance, cold steel to asphalt, teeth on tin foil.

Oil heat courses through the veins of the house, warming. (Families, less than 50 miles away in the boroughs, huddle to warm, thermostats turned down, working to make budget.)

Hallway is dark. Nest sits Empty. Baby birds have fled, away, way away. They sleep now, in their own nests, warm, safe, with puffs of slow breaths.  My hand reaches to take his hand, her hand, to feel her pulse, his pulse; to feel the beat of her heart, his heart. Both created as I was, from what? To what?

Winds gust, whisking snow crystals into small drifts.

I twist in ear buds, first right and then left, and tune in Icelandic acoustics.

I crawl back into bed and drift – a release into the sacred silence of Sunday morning, and the slow tug of something Deep calling to Deep, and something unfathomable whispering: “Hush”.

0 steps.

Nap time.



  1. Not sure how to thank you. Your posts keep me saner than I would otherswise be x

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  2. i had the same workout today.

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  3. Totally get it! -24C with the wind chill this morning!

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  4. Looking at the bright side, this bird is not stuck to a frozen pipe.

    He can “fly” to her and him anytime. A free bird.

    Beautifully written, as always.

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  5. Lovely. Your Papa Bird made my eyes tear up. Or maybe it was the strong wind still watering my eyes after pushing against it with Dylan for 2 miles…difficult to know. Stay warm.

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  6. while snow amplifies silence, extreme cold seems to carry sounds from further away – at least here in this corner of my world David. I love Sundays and I love this post! ❤
    Diana xo

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  7. 0 steps, but beautiful writing and pause, being in the moment. Keep writing and keep warm Mr K 🙏🏻

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  8. Haha, well, in the cycle of seasons, winter is a time to slow it down anyway. Hibernate a little 😉

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  9. Perfect way to spend the day….

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  10. …and they will fly home, too…

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  11. Enjoyed.

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