Be Better


NY Times 11 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2017:

Second annual semi-serious list of self-improvement tips, gleaned from the Styles stories that resonated most with readers in 2017. Here’s how to be healthy, happy and a little bit Canadian in 2017.” (And if you’d like to go deeper, our 15 tips for 2016 still hold up.)”


  1. Gonna jump right on this – after coffee ☕️

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  2. Always looking to ‘up my game.’ Thanks for the lead, pal! 😉

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  3. yes, these are good, though i have become more of a minimalist, i don’t know if i could haul all that i’ve kept around in one bag. and my dryer is my iron, but – i can do what bill says, even if it’s just my mindset, and that’s a beginning.

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  4. Cozy up to the nearest Canadian?
    OMG can’t stop laughing…

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  5. One more thing and I’ll stop.
    This list is for non-Canadians, right?

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  6. Happy New Year, David! Haven’t read the list yet; one of my resolutions is to not go resolution crazy and beat myself up by not being a better person. I am not sure that even makes sense. 🙂

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  7. Yup, I can only agree on more spoons.

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  8. Monotasking, eh? Need to try that one.

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