It’s been a long day




  1. That’s how I feel and I work from home today!

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  2. And in New York, no one even notices you are blue and 15 feet tall. Just another day in the city.

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  3. I sit like that sometimes, only I am not blue–come to think of it I am a bit blue when I sit like that

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  4. I sit like that some time and I am retired, usually when I’m constipated. :o)

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  5. Oh, I would notice him! He just needs a hug. 🙂

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  6. The art I like it. ..He is tall and can’t sit up straight, giving a posture of defeat… A moon faced, so blue and naked…so vulnerable…so miserably tired with a touch of a virus (you can see it in his eyes) …I am thinking of two former post of yours dealing with train riding…one being the man spreader…hmm I don’t think I would fight for dominance in this case, he needs his room…the other post might have been a bus ride, I think it was a grandmother and granddaughter, it illustrated the importance of not judging another but of being kind, respectful, engaging and compassionate…I think Mr Blue Moon just needs some understanding and some rest…

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  8. Hoping he’s not getting sick 😦

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