1. The camel looks comfortable but if I had to squat like the man for any length of time my circulatory system would stop working. :o)

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  2. Commune-with-your-camel day!

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  3. Those camels execute a nicer ‘down stay’ than either of my dogs…

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  4. rest stop day.

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  5. love his choker…stylin’

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    CALEB … regal, as always!

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  7. The photo is interesting, intriguing …almost doesn’t seem real due to the lighting & shadow casting…the man and the camels image almost have a quality of 3-D like your eyes are drawn to wrapping around them…the image to me presents itself as a not real backdrop and they are placed in the image secondary to the backdrop (though I know that not to be the case)…wonder what the depth of field setting is, that the photographer used…the clarity so amazing. hmm, modern day materials on the perhaps, nomadic man’s sandals. // On this hump day you’ve enticed my mind to a working!

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  8. I’ll get up when I’m good and ready!

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  9. amusing photo David.
    The open toe sandals, camels with ‘nose rings’ and one wonders…. just Who is the master and who is the servant with this camel’s supercilious glance down.

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