So fresh, so fleeting


Dew evaporates
And all our world is dew…so dear,
So fresh, so fleeting.

~ Issa, 1763 – 1828, on the death of his child




  1. I wouldn’t mind if we could slow its evaporation, so we could savor just a bit longer…

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  2. So dear, so fleeting. 🌾

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  3. Poignant thought. But such a lovely photo of the living moment.

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  4. To live in the present, without regretting what is past or pining for what is to come. Enjoying the present moment before it is gone. Your steady drumbeat of posts inspires DK. I’ve dubbed today a ‘mindfulness’ day…gonna try to notice the joy/wonder/simple elegance in every encounter. It’s on! 😀

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    Ahhh. Yes…

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  6. So true, And yet, as Seneca wrote in “On the Shortness of Life”: Life is long enough if you know how to live it well. There is an enormous amount of truth in that thought.

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  7. Love this David – so packed with meaning, so simply stated. ❤
    Diana xo

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    Indeed …. all is dew!!


  9. less than a moment in time.

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  10. Makes me think I should get back to my mini journal where I put a short note of what was special about each day. Even the smallest things would qualify. When I read back I was surprised at all the beautiful things that I’d noticed.

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  11. gorgeous greens and absorption in the moment …. 🙂

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