the summer we’re all sharing still has a few breaths left


From behind me in the heat, beneath a cloudless sky, I hear happy shouts. Treasure every moment you are given; savor every summer’s day. From the time you are a child there is the sanguine suggestion that you will have a supply of those days stretching to the horizon and beyond. The greatest gift of summers, even as they conclude each September, is the winking promise that next year a new one will be rolling around. Waiting for you up ahead.

Labor Day weekend: Soon autumn will arrive, cool days for rekindled ambition, a time for fervent vows and ardent goals, of fresh determination that this may be the season when your ship comes in. But before that, even now, the summer we’re all sharing still has a few breaths left, each with an expiration date. To squander a single one of them would seem a shame.

~ Bob Greene, excerpt from Summer’s Greatest Gift Is That Next Year There Will Be Another

Photo Sand, wind & jazz by Fintlandia (via couvertures de sérénité)




  1. Ohhhh, how I love this! It resonates for me at so many levels. This foolish, misguided sense we have that there’s always another day, another year. Must savor each day….

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  2. WLS…the luxury of whiling about heat and humidity, frigid temps and tearing eyes – such folly…we are graced with days, not provided an unlimited supply.

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  3. Happy Labor Day weekend David.
    Happy everything!

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  4. I share this sentiment. Cherish now. Yet it all rolls around again 💛

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  5. while i love autumn best of all, i still cherish every last breath of summer –

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  6. Would seem a shame indeed. I savor the last bit of the carefree (less, really, but then that totally changes the meaning in the wrong way) pace (even though work, school, homework and sports already in full swing) of summer. I am a summer girl through and through.

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  7. Well, no doubt you know what I’ll say, next 🙂 Each Breath Is A Gift…
    I love and honor the four seasons! It gifts me with such beauty…
    PS: Last evening I started searching for Poems and Bible verses on Autumn…
    Wonder if you are smiling…ha.

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  8. beautiful

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  9. Yes! Precious reminder, Dave. Thank you!!! And just like Christie, I am welcoming this season – my fave – with invigorating poems and inspirational Bible verses. Onward and upward.

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  10. I miss the definition of seasons in New England. Hawaii has, for some, a perpetual summer season. For those of us who have lived here awhile though, we recognize our four seasons. The changes are more subtle than snow and mud season, but still 😉 Enjoy your last sumer days!

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  11. I can’t wait summer to take her last breath for this year, but it’ll still be a long wait.

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  12. freshnewblog says:

    I love the picture.

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