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  1. I know how trite I sound, but I try to do this everyday. It doesn’t always sustain me for 24 hours, but in those moments, I know awe, humility, wonder-all of it.

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  2. Numbers 4 and 7 are personal favorites…nothing induces a feeling of euphoria faster than tearing around in my car with the windows down and a favorite tune blaring on the radio, and nothing elicits greater humility than gazing up at the vast, nighttime sky…

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  3. 7 steps to mindfulness. Simple. ❤️

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  4. Last night, I stepped outside to call Beaumont in from his final saunter in the backyard. The fairy lights were twinkling in the lilac bush, the solar lights gave pops of light from where they were ensconced in flower pots on the deck. The night was still, just a faint hum of city traffic in the distance. As Beaumont sniffed along the hedge in the dark, I looked up into the sky and saw the stars blanketing the night and the moon silently gleaming from within the skies velvet blanket. In that moment, right then, I felt the awe and wonder of being alive. Such a blessing.

    Love your 7 steps David. Thank you.

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  6. yes, in my case car singing and screaming are one and the same, and i’m okay with that.

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  7. nature and music, so perfect

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  8. “admiration for life itself” You Bet!!!

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  9. Its all good 💕

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  10. Geez, this is like a transcript from my many hospital therapy groups. Not just how to feel, but how to feel better.

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  11. Recently we chartered a catamaran and sailed in the British Virgin Islands to celebrate my husband’s big birthday. My husband woke me up at 4:00 a.m. to look at the number of stars in the sky (admittedly, I was annoyed at first). I grumpily followed him outside and the sky took my breath away. It was pitch black, no ambient light, and there must have been trillions of stars. The Milky Way was clear as a bell. We laid on the trampoline and just looked at the sky. It is a miracle and I appreciate the reminder to notice all the miracles around me.

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  12. Wonderful advice, all of it. Number 7 is my favorite…practiced somewhere in nature with no light from ‘civilization’ reaching that spot.

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  13. Nice blog!

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