It’s been a long day


My hands.

In the kitchen, at the stove.
In the prairie. The shed.
Under the blanket. In the bath.
Behind the barn. In the garden.
The cornfield. The river.

By stone. By thorn. By childbirth.

Slow. Like fog.

Jeanann Verlee, Said the Manic to the Muse 




  1. Hang on to your hat.
    Hang on to your hope.
    And wind the clock,
    for tomorrow is another day.


    E. B. White

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  2. My hands. On the keyboard. Typing I love this. ❤
    Diana xo


  3. go slow.

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  4. Now that is one tough day! May you be refreshed overnight! .. And let go of the Prairie Pioneer s..t. No more nations to build or foes to vanquish tonight.
    Deep exhale 🙃

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  5. Wow. I needed to read this at least three times, more slowly each read, to fully absorb it’s significance. And how much is conveyed in such few words… beautiful.

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