from a generation in which one was what one did, not what one talked about.


Sonja said once that to understand men like Ove and Rune, one had to understand from the very beginning that they were men caught in the wrong time. Men who only required a few simple things from life, she said. A roof over their heads, a quiet street, the right make of car, and a woman to be faithful to. A job where you had a proper function. A house where things broke at regular intervals, so you always had something to tinker with. “All people want to live dignified lives; dignity just means something different to different people,” Sonja had said. To men like Ove and Rune dignity was simply that they’d had to manage on their own when they grew up, and therefore saw it as their right not to become reliant on others when they were adults. There was a sense of pride in having control. In being right. In knowing what road to take and how to screw in a screw, or not. Men like Ove and Rune were from a generation in which one was what one did, not what one talked about.

~ Fredrik Backman, A Man Called Ove: A Novel



  1. Loved this book!

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  2. Pilgrim says:

    Where can I find men like Ove and Rune nowadays?

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  3. I’m with Susan – great book…

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  4. When men like Ove seize to exist, that will be it!
    They carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, no one to carry it after them.

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  5. I was lucky to find one of these guys. I don’t take him for granted. 💘

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  6. I’m afraid I disagree with “Sonja” when she says: “All people want to live dignified lives.” No matter how far you stretch the possible meaning of “dignity.” I’ve known people who enjoy their depraved lifestyle and spit on dignity. They are the minority, but the word “all” in her statement immediately makes it not true.

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  7. I’m reading the book now. It is amazing!!!

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  8. If you love this book watch the Icelandic movie Ram.

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