The Wisdom of Crowds



  • Source: NY Times Magazine (July 17, 2016)
  • Post Title taken from James Surowiecki’s Book: The Wisdom of Crowds
  • Post inspiration: Vera Meum – “Why does the sound of rain gently tapping on the roof and windows instantly relieve stress? It is a reminder of survival, an appreciation for being safe, dry, and warm, the most basic of needs. Therein lies a secret to contentment; to remind ourselves regularly of the satisfaction of our basic needs, to appreciate another moment of survival, and forget the extraneous factors that cause us undue stress.”


  1. I can be happy with contentment – you get two for one..😉

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  2. Ah yes … No matter goes on, you feel content 😎 I hope you are having a chillin weekend David!

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  3. I’m with the majority – contentment.

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  4. WMS…I’m quite content, and that makes me wicked happy…

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  5. I am happy!

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  6. I guess contentment is acceptance of “what is” and that lead us to happiness. 🙂

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