Too good to eat (almost)


When does food cross the line and become art?

Probably when it looks as amazing as these glass-finish cakes created by Russian bakery artist, Olga Noskovaru.

Don’t miss her dessert wonders at Contemporist or at her Instagram site here: olganoskovaa.

Source: Contemporist




  1. Wow…
    And I’m sure (Not) you have the willpower to not touch it.

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  2. Beautiful!

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  3. I don’t mind putting a spoon into it, as long as that red stuff isn’t plastic. It’s so shiny, I’d have to proceed carefully. It’s beautiful, but just think, once I ate it, I’d feel beautiful inside! That’s got to be worth it.

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  4. Beautiful but I could def try that!! 🍥🍰🎂

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  5. I’ve seen these before – they are beyond stunning! Surprisingly, they seem relatively simple to create!


  6. Wonder if there’s any caramel or chocolate lurking under there?! 😄

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  7. aren’t food and art one and the same?

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  8. I’m too brain-sick to come to my reader with any regularity right now. When I can, I come here first and cry because I’ve missed so much of your particular beauty-sharing. It helps me, to have this moment in the rightness of life, so why does my brain make it so hard to get here?
    Because it’s the illness in play (excuse me while I have a conversation with myself).

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  9. Wow. That is gorgeous.

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  10. For those who say it’s easy to recreate…how does she do it?

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