Sunday Morning Walk (29 sec)

Percy James goes for a walk in the park…

I’m Mr. Boombastic say me fantastic…boom…boom.


  1. I love thus commercial – and the music. A perfect fit…

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  2. perfect pairing –

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  3. Okay, I think I have a new crush!

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  4. Ha, ha, ha!!! That is a great boost to the morning. Like that pig, I can sometimes walk feeling happier than that pig in … well, the summer.

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  5. I hope I someday get to that Bombastic retirement state!

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  6. Walking their breakfast bacon. I guess they like it lean.

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  7. christinesat says:


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    Sabbath — practiced in so many ways!!

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  9. This is fantastic. Loved it.

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    This is so cute … take a look!!

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