Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


Two years from now I can hear people saying: Your play is extraordinary. And my answer: It took me ten years to perfect my craftsmanship. I am wrestling with giants here. Every morning I wake up in a sweat, ready for the struggle. The impact is great, but I am never defeated. It is the rehearsals I miss, to attend them and see the progress the actors make. My being there is an absolute necessity. My eye and ear criticize every move and every intonation. I listen to the “commas” of the play as if they were drops falling from a fountain. Dis moi comment vont tout tes affaires. I am alone.

~ James Salter, Light Years



  1. lovely. our path is never as easy as it may appear to others.

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  2. Like the duck gliding effortlessly on the water, his little legs going ‘ten to the dozen’ hidden beneath! Are we all like this?

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  3. The solitude of creativity.

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  4. I think he would be hard to please.

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  5. Passion for our gift is the fuel of success.

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  6. Amazing…

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