Walking Cross-Town. With Snaps.


Snap a picture a minute, from the instant we open our eyes in the morning until we go to sleep. Calvino‘s words.  And they’ve stuck.

Snap. A pigeon, wings fluttering, in her soft landing.
Snap. Powder blue Converse sneakers.
Snap. A leafless tree on 48th rising out of concrete.
Snap. A wind gust from a passing truck lifts a green ribbon, it floats, twists and lands – softly, gently.
Snap. The morning sun, luminous, warming.

Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap.

Billions of Snaps of Light, stored, restored in a snap.

The Scoreboard? Light: Billions Served. Non-Light: ~ 30.

And, yet, here they come.

Non-Lights. Only One is necessary.  One muscles Billions away.  Flames of One lap up the Light, sear the skin, snarl for more – the revival of losses played over and over and over, and in technicolor.


Billions vs. One.

And the wrong One carries the day.

Why is that?


She said,
When you see these horrible images why do you stay with them?
Why keep watching? Why not go away?
I was amazed.
“Go away where? I said.”

—Anne Carson, from Glass, Irony, and God



  1. Mm… Don’t give in, You are so much better than regrets, humiliations and failures.

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  2. Perfect

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  3. It’s a daily practice to move our focus on the thoughts we want. When these thoughts come through acknowledge them, feel them, but no longer focus of them. They are not your truth anymore and if they are, then heal the original wound. Great thoughts and this so true for us all.

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  4. “Lightly Child, Lightly” . . .

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  5. Excellent. This is complexity of our minds… At least for me, Philosophically well expressed, Thank you dear David, have a nice day, Love, nia

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  6. Karen said it well. Just to add that the self tends to believe it can find some small sliver of light even in those snaps, some satisfactory explanation, by mulling them over and over. By working on them in post-processing. But they are what they are – underexposed shots that can be deleted to make room for the good ones.

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  7. Delete.

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  8. We’re funny animals, aren’t we? 10 lovely compliments and a nasty jab thrown in by someone else, and what do we hold in our minds, worrying the memory like a splinter that’s *just* under the skin. Go look in the mirror, pal, and give yourself a smile from me. Deep breath and onward. Kick that gremlin to the curb….

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  9. Easy to forget the counter-balance. Our choice to notice. Our choice to make the knee-jerk not quite so knee-jerkie.

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