Sunday Morning: Loki

“Kelly Lund adopted Loki in 2012, he had no idea that the life and love he shared with this husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix would lead to full-blown Instagram stardom. What began as a personal mission to enter Loki’s canine world and give him the life he was meant to enjoy outside quickly somersaulted into an international movement to experience the world with man’s best friend.”

Find the full Loki story here: Loki the Wolfdog

Find more photos at his instagram account here: loki_the_wolfdog


  1. glad they are both enjoying life in the way they were meant to –

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  2. Wolfie, the wolf dog came to The Four Seasons Hospice with his beloved man who was nearing the end of his transition. The two were nearly inseparable. On that final day, Wolfie had been taken out of the hospice for a quick walk in the fresh air. He suddenly broke away from the attendant and hurtled back to the door from which he had come out of the hospice and began to howl, frantically clawing at the door. When allowed in, he ran to the bed of his man who had just completed the transition we all will make, and remained there until their final separation. I feel they will always be connected.

    Wolfie, a 200 pound gentle giant, was so loved by the staff that he was adopted by member who brought him in to regularly visit and share his continuing love for humans.

    Our Mother has given us so many immeasurable gifts on this earth.

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  3. I had a Sheppard/wolf cross years ago and I still miss him. I often say that when I die and I am greeted by loved ones, I hope he will be one of them. ❤
    Diana xo

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  4. This is so beautiful.

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  5. Beautiful story, DK, and a beautiful dog. I’d say those two are lucky to have each other…. 🙂

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  6. Stories like these make me just want to go through and “like” everyone’s response…no other words needed…

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  7. Beautiful! I have goosebumps

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  8. Makes me want to hug my dog 🙂 great story

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