The Line and Beyond


Don’t get misled by the floppy ears and the deliciousness.  He’s a wild beast. A Wild Beast.

My eyes take inventory of the damage.

There are four swollen puncture marks. All on the same hand.  One gouge on the bulging vein on top of the right hand, two side by side on the wrist two inches above it, and one lightly visible on the fatty part of the skin above the thumb and index finger.

I slide my thumb into the palm in my right hand.  I grip. Pain shoots up my hand, wrist and arm.  Self-inflicted. Sort of. Not really.

It was all triggered by my step counter flashing red, urging me to get up off the couch – Walk! Harmless enough.

Rachel is glued to The Bachelor. (Mind numbing trash). I’m catching up on the morning papers. And Red Lights are still flashing.

I get up.

Zeke eyes me as I make a loop around the kitchen, the living room and the family room.

I make a second loop, and I pick up the pace heading into the third.  Zeke jumps off the ottoman and gives chase.

I run.

Viszla turns Hound Dog, and howls in pursuit.  He’s on my heels – we loop the kitchen-living room-family room-foyer once, and then again, three times and on to the fourth.

Both Dog and Master slide on the wood floors taking sharp corners, nicking kitchen chairs, spinning the swivel chairs and rumpling the floor rugs.  The foot stomping and dog howling are drowning out the television.  Pandemonium.

“Dad! Can you take it upstairs? I can’t hear the T.V.?”

Zeke’s eyes are full, he’s panting. Since he was a puppy, he fiercely protected all family members BUT the King who he viewed as The Threat.

I pull on Rachel’s leg, he grabs my pant cuff and he’s tugging.  He releases and then nips me on my right hand.  Not enough to hurt but enough to pinch. Hmmmmmm.

Rachel runs upstairs.  I give chase.  Zeke’s at my heels.  He nips me on the right hand, again.  Hmmmmm.

I catch her leg half way up.  Zeke howls, growls and nips again, harder.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Rachel trips and falls on the landing. She yelps.  And playfully rolls around feigning pain.

Zeke goes Wild – hound dog on fox.  His eyes are full moons. He hurtles himself at me with open jaws and slams down on my right hand.  WOWZA!

I grab his snout, wedge open his jaw, and remove my hand, it’s dripping with saliva.

“Zeke, Bad Dog! Down Boy! YOU BAD BOY!”

Zeke slinks down.

He looks up.  I’m opening and clenching my hand. Holy Cow.

“OK Zeke. Get up and go downstairs to Mom. You Bad Boy! Man’s Best Friend? Hmmmmm.

I limp into the bedroom, wash off the blood, and crawl into bed – clenching and releasing my fingers.

I glance at my step counter…and smile.

All Green.


  • Photo: Zeke on his ottoman. (Thank you Rachel)
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  1. NEVER would have guessed the ending! :0)) But such extreme measures!

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  2. I’m team Zeke…still worthy of an awwwwww baby (for him and for your hand)

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  3. Oh my gosh! A little bit scary…glad you’re okay. And, that Zeke, what a loving protector he is.

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  4. Well you did knock Rachel down. He was getting even.

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  5. He’s so cute!

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  6. Appreciate your commentary David. I worked with Rachel so appreciate the references. Best, Kevin

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  7. OMG! These crazy dog people! Remind me not to tell what goes on in our house! LOL

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  8. Well you will play games, and someone’s bound to get hurt!! Get better. 🙂

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  9. it’s always fun, until someone loses and eye……..)

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  10. I am with Rachel, I have developed an unhealthy addiction to the Bachelor too

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  11. Hope you are ok ~ glad Zeke is such a protector but never good when he bites the king…

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  12. oops

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  13. Love the story! Understand it completely as I wear my Fitbit and have similar evening adventures. Except no dog bites 😀

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  14. And so ends the belief that we are the masters of our universe.

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  15. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “He’s a wild beast. A Wild Beast.” …..

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  16. That’s a great story!

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  17. Haha…you certainly have fun in your household! 😀 I shall have to get a dog, by the sound of what you’ve said – I need the exercise!! 😉

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  18. See what a Fitbit can do. Poor Zeke gets called Bad Boy. Maybe his Master will listen to his fair warnings next time 😉

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  19. You mess with the bull, you’re gonna get the horn. Just sayin’…..

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  20. Hhhmmmm … just saying. My brother dropped his hand over the armchair to stroke our Vizla … and he lunged and bit him badly. Bro had to go to hospital for stitches. All was okay for a while, then he bit my mom when she was trying to control him. We had to put him down.
    Be careful with the over excitement. Now that he has taken this protective step it will be easier to take it again. Even good boys have animal instincts!

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