Not just a 3 pound brain tilted sideways above strained shoulders and neglected legs.


Returning to ourselves as material beings reminds us to place less emphasis on the flickering ticker tape of verbal commentary, and to focus instead on older, steadier, more grounded pleasures. It is helpful, perhaps, to think in terms of “coming to our senses,” reinhabiting ourselves as living, breathing creatures, not just a 3 pound brain tilted sideways above strained shoulders and neglected legs. A little ease, a little spaciousness. Such things aren’t casual.

Slowly we return to the immediate present, to the flowers on the table, to the cat’s soft fur. Time spreads out around us, a slow and rippling pool. There is time to watch and listen, time to remember. Our animal selves, so long ignored, settle back into the breathing landscape of the earth itself.

~ Christian McEwen, World Enough & Time

Notes: Quote – Thank you Make Believe Boutique. Photo – Mennyfox55


  1. And so…this my retirement and I am grateful for it everyday.

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  2. Complete with cat. :0)

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  3. and those moments of coming to our senses keep us alive-

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  4. Love this DK! We all need to come to our senses more often

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  5. Ah, to enjoy images of beautiful legs! My wife says I always was a “leg man.” I guess I was objectifying but didn’t know it. Thanks for sharing, a picture is worth…a bunch!

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