5:00 PM Bell: Uptown Funk

Volume Up!


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    Gotta share!!

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  2. Love it. Hands on the wheel driver! Ha

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  3. I’m dancing!

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  4. FUN! I dare ya to listen to this song without movin’…NOT HAPPENIN’

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  5. That was fun…I bet the word “funk” made people think of Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music White Boy” … https://youtu.be/qe1ScoePqVA

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  6. and I love Tower of Power’s “Down to the Night Club” https://youtu.be/BP7LI8yUl6k

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  7. I have been known to attend the local “Funk Night” as a refined lady spectator…though it has been suggested that I perform a number by “Chucka Kahn” and one by “Tina Turner”…I’ll stick to my blues & jazz oh, so sultry., though I will sing some rock..I have a friend who’s group played in NYC at B.B. King Blues Club, earlier this year …

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  8. Any funky rocky song will do! Shake your boo thang!

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  9. I’ve tried hard to not dig Bruno Bars. This song makes that not possible, even if he copped it from James Brown.

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  10. I really want one of my next Uber drivers to do something like this!! How fun! this is my Monday 5:15pm bell, by the way! Thanks, leaving the office with a bit more pep in my step thanks to this!

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