~ “Rain” by Raymond Carver

Source: Schonwieder


  1. Absolutely love this. Carver captures a mood so perfectly in just three stanzas. Masterful…

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  3. I like Raymond Carver’s, gift of words…his perspective is sweetly indulgent…sweetly rewarding…” Put myself in the keep of this rainy morning” (what a wonderful phrase)…Perhaps he doesn’t encounter rain, often? Rain is a gift …This girl has seen more rain than most and sometimes this girl thinks, rain again, will it ever end? I do not use an umbrella which is fairly standard, here. My heart goes out to those who are homeless and live in the element of soaking…One thing about. rain here is that it is such a rarity in the summer, we go months with out any measurable rain…for me a summer rain is magical…Water is a gift and necessary for life and rain is liquid gold, replenishing….

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  4. Some must beauty surrounds me as the rain gives birth to green…

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  5. ah, ha I meant “So much”

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  6. i love the rain, it does put us in a contemplative mood, i think. and, yes.

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