It’s been a long day


Perhaps the hardest feeling
is the one
Of unrealized possibility:
Thoughts left unspoken,
actions left undone

~John Koethe, from “The Secret Amplitude,” North Point North: New and Selected Poems 



  1. David, I think in general people have way more ‘I shoulda done…’ moments than they have ‘I wish I hadn’t…’ ones ❤
    Diana xo

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  2. yes, quite true! ….. but as long as we have the Hope of a tomorrow, those thoughts and those actions undone can become an inspiration; so I believe 🙂

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  3. Let those ruffled feathers settle. A new day can bring new perspectives.

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  4. To often, Echos of my reality….

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  5. so beautiful….love the light….

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  6. Today’s a new day, DK. Deep breaths….

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  7. onward.

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  8. It WAS a long day. The back end of critters tells the story–“You do not exist in my universe. Feck off.”

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  9. What a wonderful photo and poem!! Thank you!

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  10. Knowing this should be enough to spur us to action and definitely one bout of should haves should definitely be suffucient to teach us.
    Timely reminder, though.


  11. EnJOYing your week’s posts!

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