Driving I-95 S. With A Distant Fire.


I hit the ignition, the middle aged lady groans but fires.
It’s 23°F and she’s not liking it.
You and me girl, still firin’. Going down with our boots on. Till death do us part.

’70s on 7 are spinning on Sirius.
Drums and Horns lead – and then the band comes in.
YOU only need a FEW bars, and you can feel it: HIT IT.

And I’m off…
Foot leans in on the accelerator.
Traffic in speed lane clears for the DK Express.
Head’s bobbin’. Shoulders’ rockin’. Karaoke winds up.

And here she comes…

“You left me here on the way to paradise”

“Your eyes have a mist from the smoke of a distant fire.”

“And that mist in your eyes feels like rain on the fire in my soul”

“Lord, I was stung shoulda’ seen it come a long time ago.”

And there she goes…

Head bobs slow.
Shoulders still.
Karaoke drifts off with the tune.
I tap the volume off.
I sit in the cabin, still, the wheels spinning, the engine humming.

Mist in your eyes from a distant fire



  1. You rock!!

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  2. WOW! Gorgeous!

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  3. The DK Express…has me smiling…great writing, a catchy tune, neat photo…Glad you were able to cut loose…The vocals from the Standford-Townsand Band are great…I bet that song was played real loud,blasting from the Dusters and GTO’s.., ah, maybe only the sounds of Grand Funk Railroad & Pink Floyd blasted from GTO’s…the middle aged lady groans but fires. -how does she handle in the snow that may hit your area? Be safe when your “Rockin Down the Highway” …

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  4. Good music always takes us to another place! Im sure if we were watching from another car we would be laughing at your head bobbin’. Shoulders’ rockin’ ha 🙂

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  5. The fire’s in you – great post.

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  6. So evocative!

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  7. after we rev up to full speed, we always come back to a quiet idle after a while. and i’m okay with that )

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  8. So. We’ll be ready for the next chapter. That little ride left us with questions. 😉

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  9. Only way to do it is with music! Great narrative and great photo – thanks for the start to the morning! – J.

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  10. “… the middle aged lady groans but fires.” True of more than just cars, you know. Keep on singing, keep on feeling, my friend. 🙂

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  11. Ahhh, it’s all about the journey. The road trip. And, how you choose to get there.
    So excellent…

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  12. Yes. Thank you!


  13. It’s always interesting to ride along in DK Express. Even sitting still in the cabin. Precious.

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  14. Yeah, baby! I remember playing that sax part in my bedroom with the radio cranked up, my old alto sax wheezing.

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