What’s under it – hell, a snake pit, the repository of nightmares?


I was way back in terra incognita with a friend.
At the edge of a black-spruce bog in a thicket
we found a moss-covered cement slab with iron rings.
We are fearful.
We questioned,
what’s under it – hell, a snake pit, the repository of nightmares?
My friend indicates it’s up to me,
I mean the contents.
We lift the slab aside.
The pit is full of brilliant blue sky.

~ Jim Harrison, from “Dream as a Metaphor of Survival,” Just Before Dark: Collected Nonfiction

Credits: Quote – Memory’s Landscape. Art: Trang Bui – Kind of Blue I via Exercice de Style



  1. step forward in spite of fear and there you will find brilliant surprises beyond what you imagined.

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  2. I held my breath …

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  3. Always nice to be surprised in a good way…

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  4. Jim Harrison, likes to explore…in his writing, his mind wanders…tapping into the vast memories of his experiences as he, has walked on the varied, landscapes of earth…..apparently he and his friend weren’t the first to terra incognita the area, moss takes time to cover cement and the iron rings could be over a hundred years old…my guess would be that the location was a long overgrown homestead, with a capped beautiful blue spring….in reality our minds like to image, racing along, an endless hallway with many closed doors of possibilities, opening rapidly…in his and his friends reality they found the treasured, surprise of “Brilliant Blue Sky” which I like to think was captured in another’s, happy time … the gift preserved, saved, just waiting to be found and further, Delight.. /// Now I am thinking of blue swirling marbles…/// When I was a girl, me, my sisters & little cousin would look down the oil fill pipe…we’d see a reflection of a single.dark black eye trying to call us closer…we all knew who that was… it was the Devil and he lived under the ground, all over the world…we knew of one other place where we could look and see a possible opening to his lair..our grandmothers closet… just open the trap door…which revealed a dank, dark area of bare earth and we knew if we ever opened that door again the Devil would reach up and grab us…You can assume that to this day I am not a fan of underground exploration..although I was fascinated on a tour of Lehman Caves at Wheeler Peak in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park…ha http://www.nps.gov/grba/learn/historyculture/lehman-caves-national-monument.htm

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  5. Love it where our perceptions and perspective are turned inside out and upside down 😃

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  6. Today was more of an “I agree with all of the above” day…

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