Morning Walk



Stillness. I would say to them
About living in the country, peace
Can deafen one, beauty surprise
No longer.
There is only the thud
Of the slow foot up the long lane
At morning and back at night.

~ R.S. Thomas, The Country

Credits: Photo of Lake District in England: James Reebanks.  Poem Source: James Reebanks: The Shepherd’s Life 



  1. Beautiful.

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  2. and that slow thud is comforting music to the soul.

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  3. Up in the hills surrounding me where I live here in Northern California, I find that peace, and it can be wonderfully deafening.

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  4. There is nothing like silence in the country. It echoes in your ears, like a conch shell. The only thing more beautiful is the choir of birds that sing every morning when the weather’s warm.

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