Ho Ho Ho!

X-Mas Tree Sales Up. Mall Sales Not.

wsj.com: Will Christmas Trees Light Up Retail:

“The gap between Christmas-tree and store sales may be a sign that the shift in spending away from brick-and-mortar retailers and toward online shopping, and experiences over things, has intensified this year. Put simply, people would rather spend money at Amazon, or on meals and vacations, than on stuff at the store. That may explain why Christmas-tree sellers aren’t getting hurt by the changed environment.

For many people getting a tree, hauling it home and trimming it counts more as buying an experience more than it counts as buying a thing.”



  1. When in doubt, always buy the experience. 🎄

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  2. hail to the trees!

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  3. Guess no one is pining for trees this year! grin. I know they always tend to “spruce” up my house!

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  4. The Griswold’s spring to mind.

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  5. I love this post. Our society, through economic changes beyond individual will, has re-discovered the joy of the experience of an event.

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