Is this good enough?


[…] Think about what you put on Instagram, on Twitter, on a blog, on Facebook. These are great media but it’s clear they select for a very specific type of content. It’s got to be bite sized. It’s got to look good. It has to be spreadable. It has to compete with all the other content out there from professionals, from pretty girls, from snarky a**holes. Oh, and it has to generate a certain number of public responses or you look like a loser. In a sense, these tools that were intended to help us share our realities ironically has turned into a sort of unpaid performance art. I know that you sense this too. That moment of hesitation before you post something.

Is this good enough?  […]

~ Ryan Holiday

Don’t miss Ryan Holiday’s entire post and the punch line at: The Performance Bias: Life is Not a Movie, Life is Not a Novel



  1. Such an interesting assessment and spot on…

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  2. Very insightful. Some of the things I love/hate about social media.

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  3. “…it has to generate a certain number of public responses or you look like a loser.” Uh-oh. Actually, I’m trying to overcome the “loser” thing and just not care that I look like a loser.

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  4. i guess i don’t feel the pressure here, just do the best i can and follow my instincts.

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  5. In ten sentences he just reduced us all to junior high status. But he is right. Ouch!

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  6. I have no sense about this. The posts I used to question as worthy would get unbelievable ( to me) responses, and the ones I worked hard on flew under everyone’s radar. So, basically, I decided everything is worthy.

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  7. The first couple of years I was always wanting to do a good job and increase traffic. Now I post with a few specific people in mind, and the pressure for results has gone. Doing my own thing 🙃

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  8. I enjoyed the read, but am now assessing the quality of my ties and relationships in real life. And I also can’t tell whether sharing this would be an ironic statement or would somehow validate an argument that all we do is pass on interesting stories but do nothing to instigate real-world contact. (Most of the former is intended as satire, but as NPR proved, anything published on the internet must be true and requires no critical thought or exploration to assess.)

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  9. This is so true, I have felt this and the more I detach to everything in life, the more I receive back. The answer is letting go! 🙂

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  10. Wow. another thought provoking post David! I’d hoped to get past the Fear Factor. Sometimes, if I don’t force myself to just push that button – I never will, for none are good enough. I’d be sitting at the computer, age 99 rewriting the same post LOL. my thinking is, the more I do, the better I will become. I hope.

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  11. I used to get a lot of comments on my blog back when I went and made comments on other blogs. I dont do that so much, and so i dont get as many visitors as I did at one time. If it mattered to me much back then, it matters much less these days.
    Over on FB I get a lot of comments from time to time. But most of what I post is just for me. its like a notebook I put stuff in. Sometimes people will leave comments that inspire me to something else, and there is a motivation there. i share things i find here at Live/Learn (Thank You!) fairly regular. And there is at least one story that was inspired from here completely, that is to say, from a post here I found the angle for my story.
    I think someone asked me one time at FB how I could post so much “good stuff”.
    i told them that it really wasn’t what you posted as much as what you found. I spend a couple hours sifting through for something that satisfies, something “good enough” if you want to put it that way. What takes you a minute to look at may have taken me days or weeks to find.
    I don’t know if you can relate to this or not, but there are some stories I have to wait on.
    You wait on them for years, and then one day you might see something while you are getting on the 95 going north and *BOOM*, there it is. i think those are the best ones, the ones I had to wait for. Here’s one I waited for, a long time.

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  12. Always. I know that thought.

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  13. On the button and one of the reasons I left Facebook in 2011 to come to WordPress

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