SMWI*: Shake it!



  • SMWI* = Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration
  • Image Source: Mennyfox55 (Sumo v Child)



  1. As I woke up at 0400 and realized I was not falling back to sleep, I thought to myself, “I wonder if David is up already?”. The answer was easy. Great picture. Big guy and little guy, one following the other. Getting ready to tell a “daddy story” over at my place. Have a great day.

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  2. i love this. i’ve always been fascinated by the sumo culture –

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  3. I like their smiles, looks like they are both about to laugh! Such a darling, little one, a bit mischievous, perhaps? …”Shake It Up”, reminds me of three things, the song that has the lyrics, “Shake it Up” by The Cars: …The vintage shake-a-pudding, shake it up, commercial the one I remember had 2 or 3 young teens with a yellow shaker (think Brady Bunch era) I did find this old black and white classic from looong before my time that is worth a watch… and I’ve been known to shake it a bit in my living room dancing to The Commodores “She’s a Brick House” ….ha and 🙂

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  4. Too much Thanksgiving turkey?

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  5. This kid has to eat more rice that sushi.

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  6. it’s hard to picture that little guy looking like that big guy some day!

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