So it has come to this


So it has come to this
insomnia at 3:15 A.M., 
the clock tolling its engine 
All night dark wings 
flopping in my heart. 
Each an ambition bird

Anne Sexton, The Ambition Bird, The Complete Poems, Anne Sexton

Notes: Poem Source – Didier Leclair.  Photo: Pause Between Thoughts


  1. It has come to this…

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  2. Maybe you could become a vampire? 🙂 Love the poem.

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  3. and there is no sending to back to where it came.

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  4. Ambition birds–great reframe of nagging thoughts.

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  5. So much in so few words. I get it. I never know when the ambition birds will swoop in but I know them too.

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  6. How beautiful! Too often I am visited by ambition birds, at least now I know what to call them…


  7. Sigh.

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  8. I am pondering… during insomnia our own mind is a captive audience, like a caged bird, will the ambition bird, stay captive or will the cage door, rattle enough to open and ambition, take flight?

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