Driving I-95 S. With Wabi Sabi.


55 F.
6:15 am.

Red tail light blinkers flash ahead.
One car after another, clears the way.
Left lane is all mine today. All mine.

Autumn hues frame the highway.
The browns, the yellows, the reds flash by.
The clouds, paintings, gliding silently overhead.

What is this?

It’s Roland Barthes in Deliberation: The window is wide open, the gray day has lifted now. I experience a certain floating euphoria: everything is liquid, aerated, drinkable (I drink the air, the moment, the garden)

7 on 70s spin on Sirius. Boz Scaggs playing Lowdown:

Nothin’ you can’t handle
Nothin’ you ain’t got


17 minutes door-to-door.

Game time.



  1. That’s called going with the flow. Or just a tad faster.

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  2. yes! yes!

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  3. When you’ve got a tailwind, you go with it. Hope the ‘traffic angels’ are with you on the commute home as well, pal….

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  4. Enjoy the down time, David. 😃

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  5. Boz Scaggs? now theres a childhood memory….Love the Wabi-Sabi..

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  6. Sometimes there is just nothing like being behind the wheel…what an awesome feeling, and on the way to work to boot!

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  7. lovely photo of the glorious golden foliage and your post! my eyes saw wabi sabi and just lit up… it has been a ongoing theme for my classes all year. its a wonderful peaceful philosophy 🙂 enjoy your weekend

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