How small / How perfect


How small
How perfect
The feathered
Chest of
The Sparrow
Ruffled and ready
If I could
Hold her in my palm
Feel her courage
Through her hollow
Bird bones
I might be able
To fly

~ Kim Beyer-Johnson

Find Kim Beyer Johnson on WordPress here: 10,000 hours of play.


  1. what perfection and strength in this art created by mother nature.

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  2. Proof of miraculous, diversity and awe…I was thinking about the theme of not sleeping, sleeping and waking up to the touching, impacting sweetness of the sparrow’s singing and a song by an amazing Jazz artist came to mind…I’ve been listening to her since 03… Liz Wright , Jazz songstress & composer … “Wake Up, Little Sparrow” – I suggest watching the slide show too, she is pretty.. another beautiful song by LW – “When I Close My Eyes” Listening and Immersion to this is a Must, imho! – the lyrics capture, her voice resonates and holds, as if the passion is speaking from my soul’s lamenting .. palatable pulsation and sophistication …. // the Bible also speaks of Sparrows…

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  3. I have these little guys snacking at our bird feeder every day. I will think of your words as I watch them.

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  4. How beautiful. These little (and big) guys amaze me every day.

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  5. Oh, to be able to fly……

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