Sunday Morning: Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

This documentary is on South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak, the founder of “Baby Box”. This is a short film that you will not forget.  Here’s an excerpt:

On the streets, we saw so many babies abandoned under any condition.  We were so heartbroken seeing them. And we thought to ourselves, “What’s the best way to save these lives?” That’s why we made the baby box.  I had a realization. If I don’t do something to protect these children, I could be picking up dead bodies at my gate.

The standard height of a newborn baby is 52cm. So Pastor Lee measured the box considering this fact. “After I installed it, I didn’t expect babies to come in. I prayed, ‘God, please don’t let any baby be abandoned in this world.’

When the baby is put in the box, the box makes a sound. The bell goes: Ding Dong. Ding Dong. During dawn, when it’s quiet, imagine hearing this sound. Thump, thump, thump. With my heart beating fast, I run down. I take the baby out. “Thank you God, for saving this child’s life. I pray like that and hug him in my arms. (Ding Ding. Ding. Dong.) My heart drops. When I hear this sound, my heart drops. (He closes the door to the baby box.)

He points to the inscription above the box:

“For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.” (Psalm 27:10)

Pastor Lee Jong-rak, his wife and family.  Soul stirring.


  1. Thanks, David, for the affirmation of life. We need that every so often in this upside down world.

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  2. I have to watch this later…the words alone, the thoughts have clouded my eyes.

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  3. The world is a better place because of people like them. Commented on by someone who was abused, abandoned, then adopted 55 years ago.

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  4. this made me burst into tears. such a practical and powerful life-saving idea.

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  5. And I cry…I’ve know of Pastor Lee’s extension of Love for several years, definitely, Soul Stirring …thank you for letting me know that there is a documentary film about his efforts.

    “The Baby Box is not the end of the Jusarang (city) story. The church provides outreach for birth parents, albeit informally. After depositing her baby, a mother sometimes loiters long enough for Lee to invite her in, offer comfort, and explain the gospel. Lee encourages the mother to come back for her baby, and 120 birth mothers have reclaimed their babies. Jusarang currently sends material support to 18 such mothers. Touched by Lee’s work, many volunteers have also professed Christ…..As the debate continues, Lee battles to keep the Baby Box open. He told me, “I cannot stop this work. God gave me this work to do. So I just need to stand right before Him, and He will provide all the things I need.” His ministry has inspired several pastors in other cities to start their own Baby Box”…. Sophia Lee, ‘Special Deliveries’ World Mag. Jan. 2015

    Baby boxes and safe-haven laws have saved many babies and given them an opportunity to live the gift of life…

    Often, people just need some support (emotional & hands on), encouragement, short term & some times longer term counseling and sometimes assistants with food, housing, medical care, finances, help with parenting difficulty…We are too, without Judgement – to Love & Encourage others…

    Pastor Lee was Observant, has a Heart of Love, was, I am sure praying earnestly for the safety of the infants & children he saw abandon and at times for the souls of the lifeless babies discarded on the streets, who had passed on….Pastor Lee was Still enough to Hear God and Willing to be obedient in extending the Love of Christ forward…Each Person is a Gift to this world and we have a Responsibility to Love…which is an Action….Pastor Lee’s gift is an example of Love’s Impact…

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  6. So much love and kindness. Very moving!

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