Driving I-95 N. And Recycling.


Drive home.
A torrid August afternoon.
Waze signals an express track: 22 minutes.
Reality reports something else.
Traffic inches forward.

The car in front is a late edition Mustang hard top.  Driver and passenger wearing baseball caps. A empty Marlboro pack is tossed out of the passenger window, skips once and lands on the simmering asphalt.

That’s bullsh*t.

Traffic snakes ahead.
A butt is flicked out the window, and lay smoldering on the shoulder.


The A/C is blowing, but I’m hot, from the inside-out.  I loosen my tie.  Unbutton the right shirt cuff, and then the left. And roll-up my sleeves. I sit.

Here you go again, with another demonstration of Fuller’s Celtic inclinations: irritability, intolerance and irascibility.  You bathe in it Man. It is your Oxygen.

And then, here she comes. Deborah Ford. “You are my mirror and I am yours.”

Hypocrite. That was you, Then. Cruising for Chicks with your buddies around the Dairy Queen. Fast food cartons. Gum wrappers.  Beer bottles on Friday nights. And now, you sit on your throne, indignant, and pass judgment.

Hypocrite. That is you, Now.  Printing powerpoint decks, reports, memos – – because it is easier to digest.  And then hand shredding and tossing them in the green recyclable trash can, like that’s absolution.

Hypocrite. That is you, Now.  Plastic water bottles. Snapple Green Tea in glass bottles.  Daily newspapers, lightly skimmed on even or odd days.

Hyprocite. Prius’. Smart Cars. Compact Cars. And me.

A road side fender bender ahead clogs traffic.
I pass.
I swing into the right lane and accelerate.
And then there was light.

I need my space. 
I need my V-8.



  1. Only you can make a traffic jam interesting.

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  2. It pays to be observant. Someday that could save your life. Maybe it already has.

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  3. if you were sitting in your yard, this would be the equivalent of, “get off of my lawn!”

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  4. Space and V-8.
    Interesting take!

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  5. I need my dichotomies…

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  6. Well done. Love the tie in to Celtic inclinations.

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  7. We are all connected, and when we can see where we are similar, can really help stop this separation. Great writing and I can understand any impatience you reflect, could be a tiny bit related to living on 2hrs sleep a night. Just a thought 🙂

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  8. michael zahaby says:

    In the summer of 1969, after enjoying a meal at a Las Vegas McD, i was in my car awaiting to exit the parking lot behind a VW bug, When i saw an arm reach outside the car and toss a McD paper bag out the window, righteous indignation kicked in, and i got out of my car, picked up the bag and handed it to him through his window. I said, you dropped this.We came face-to-face. Big guy, beard, long hair, cigarette in his mouth. I saw fire in those eyes, and he was reaching out for the door handle trying to get out. He was spewing every nasty curse at me, as i was trying to keep him from getting out of his car. To my good fortune, my smart brother who was driving our car saw the whole incident, drove up, open the passenger door and yelled “get in you idiot”. We sped off with hearts beating loudly. Moral of the story, righteous indignation aside, stay in your car

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  9. Great writing David. I see a budding awareness speeding on the highway in his spacious V8. Musings like this usually bear fruit…sooner or later.

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  10. Then: Who is Deborah Ford?
    Then: I am better than you.
    Then: Do what I say, not what I do.
    Now: I am not perfect and I am aware of this.
    Future (hopefully very soon): I forgive myself.

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  11. Ah, DK, you are so good. Short fuse, admittedly, but also a great deal of insight and reflection. We all have our moments, pal, that’s what makes us interesting. As Mimi says, it’s all about dichotomies, the yin and the yang. A quick spin through my mental Rolodex of folks I know brings to mind a couple of individuals who, by all outward appearances, are ‘perfect.’ Don’t like any of them much….just sayin’…. 😉

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