My dog most certainly is god spelled backward.


My dog most certainly is god spelled backward.
He is sublimely present.
No fatigue.
He loves.
He licks.
He chases and wags.
Eats, shits, leaps like a dolphin for his Frisbee.
Sleeps and guards.
Snorts in his sleep and awake,
begs for orts of cheese, smackerels of beef crumb.
A belly rub, an ear massage.

~ Melissa Pritchard, Decomposing Articles of FaithA Solemn Pleasure: To Imagine, Witness, And Write (The Art of the Essay)



  1. High five dog lover! I loved reading it. . My dogs are my lifeline too. . Happy to connect ❤ Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews 😇


  2. I love the optimism and effervescent joy of my two. Never a bad day, and each tour of the yard or walk down the street a revelation. Much to learn from these precious companions…

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  3. A best friend for sure.

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  4. he understands what life is all about. the simple basics and some love.

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  5. Yep, that describes my dog, too.

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  6. If they only knew how much they give!

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  7. Did you hear about the two dyslexic theologians who stayed up all night arguing the existence of dog? 😀

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  8. Complete unconditional love

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  9. You gotta love em 🙂

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  10. What’s not to love? I adore both of mine.

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  11. I’ll trade ya dogs —

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