The Salt of the Earth


“I also befriended a whale. These are the whales in Argentina. An adult like this is 35 meters long, weighs about 40 tons. She came so close to the boat, I could touch her.  And it was incredible. Such sensitive skin! As I was caressing her, I could see her tail, 35 meters away, trembling. Incredible sensitivity. We had a small boat, just 7 meters long. She knew she could have sunk us. But she never once hit the boat. Not once! As we left, she began slapping her tail.”

~ Sebastião SalgadoGenesis from The Salt of the Earth (01:33:26)

Whether you are a professional or hobby photographer, or don’t take pictures at all, this documentary on the life and work of Sebastião Salgado will leave its mark on you.  Must see…here’s the trailer:



  1. Fantastic! What an eye…into the (ever expanding) queue it goes. I’m also very excited about the photo exhibition that’s opening soon at the Currier Museum in Manchester. Sobering, to be sure, but should also be incredibly engaging…

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  2. i love this amazing interaction between two of life’s creatures who don’t often have the chance to experience each other at close range. and the mutual respect between them. loved the ss video too, what a fantastic talent.

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  3. This is great, a must see for me. Thanks David.

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