Suddenly it lay before us, restless, mighty and unending.


The sea came towards us like an immense silver sail.
Long before we reached it we could detect its salt breath;
the horizon became ever brighter and more distant,
and suddenly it lay before us, restless, mighty and unending.

~ Erich Maria Remarque, from Three Comrades

Notes: Prose – the distance between two doors. Photo: Shae Fierce


  1. very cool, mesmerising.

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  2. The middle of the ocean…fascinating and terrifying all at once. It always draws me in. Great image.

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  3. The power of water!!! And I get so seasick just looking at this beautiful photo.

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  4. in awe.

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  5. Immense and thrilling 🙂

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  6. The ocean scares me more than clowns. My palms are sweating.

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