T.G.I.F.: Shark Attack!


Source: gifak-net


  1. Can’t stop laughing

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  2. Ah, looks like my house, only we have four, black Labs, and a nearby lake instead of a pool. It’s always something with their unfailing energy.

    Good thing Zeke is laid back and content with just laying out in the sun, right?

    And, you have also identified a new species . . Black, furry shark.

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  3. That is a riot. That’s Beau (sans the shark fin) getting in bed with us when he’s decided it’s time to rise and shine–gotta love these animals!

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  4. We’re not safe anywhere!

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  5. I can’t stop laughing, either! I can hear the dialogue—don’t you dare; try and stop me!

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  6. Thats why I got a little dog! ha 🙂

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  7. He’s rescuing mama!

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  8. Oh my!

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  9. Like Karen, that’s why I have small dogs now! What a hoot 🙂

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  10. That’s a beautiful story about the rescue of Kelsey. Seeing neglected, abandoned and abused animals simply breaks my heart.

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  11. ha!

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