Miracle? All of it. 


I wish to raise my hand. Well, I raise it. But who raises it? Who is the “I” who raises my hand? Certainly it is not exclusively the “I” who is standing here talking, the “I” who signs the checks and has a history behind him, because I do not have the faintest idea how my hand was raised. All I know is that I expressed a wish for my hand to be raised, whereupon something within myself set to work, pulled the switches of a most elaborate nervous system, and made thirty or forty muscles — some of which contract and some of which relax at the same instant — function in perfect harmony so as to produce this extremely simple gesture. And of course, when we ask ourselves, how does my heart beat? how do we breathe? how do I digest my food? — we do not have the faintest idea.

~ Aldous Huxley, The Divine Within

Post title inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Notes: Photo – Maiyet. Quote: Brain Pickings



  1. Sometimes I express a wish for my muscles to run faster or to pull me up into one more chin up, and….. Nothing!

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  2. Our bodies really *are* a marvel, aren’t they? And you don’t fully appreciate how magnificent a machine your body is until something stops working. Then….you get it. And here we are back at that pesky old ‘taking things for granted’ spot….

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  3. So often we never question the miracle of life let alone try to understand the complexity that each of our bodies possess!

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    It is all a miracle!!

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  5. it is our role to just accept and be in awe of the wonder of it all.

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  6. I’ve done lots of this philosophical/metaphysical naval gazing. One can get caught in the fuzz there. But a great book (if diving deeper sounds interesting) is “Eating the I” by William Patrick Patterson.

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  7. I’ve worked as a physician for over 20+ years and am still amazed at the complexity of the human body and mind. We have a tendency to separate the two as if they work independently of each other. A day does not go by without finding some new piece of information that adds to my knowledge of structure and function. Interestingly, the new knowledge usually adds multiple new questions as well. My Passion, it feels so good!

    Thanks for reading PRISON: The New Model For Healthcare. I was not sure if you saw the petition at the bottom of the article. If you have not signed it, I would appreciate you taking a moment to review it and sign it (if you agree with its content) and “share” it with your readers and your social media sources to help it reach additional people. There is no personal gain to me, but the impact it could have for all of us is significant. Thank you for your support and all the work you do as a fellow blogger.

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  8. It is a miracle, I am grateful. 🙂

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  9. The human body … quite the engineering marvel.

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  10. Such richness here … and here.

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  11. Everything indeed is a miracle

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  12. We are all amazing creatures. 🙂

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  13. And where do we stop – miracles taken for granted on a daily basis. The power to do great deeds or be corrupted by temptation and ones own interests – discuss 😃 Sorry u do get me thinking – I love reading but lack the patience for a novel – a film satisfies my need for an outcome in a couple of hours. Your shorter more bite sized chunks I can digest and respond to – clearly a miracle.

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    • Your opening reminds me of Mahmoud Darwish’s line: “I don’t want. I don’t want. Where’s my will?”. I so agree with you.

      I used to love reading novels, and I too now lack the patience to sit and read long treatises. I flit around like a firefly. Thanks for sharing. And your close, I’m smiling.

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