What I feel is scarcely a twitch


I try to imagine the entire force of this storm flinging itself onto a thousand miles of Pacific coast, the multitude of gusts rolling over the land during every second of its passage, the combined power and noise and energy felt only by the continent itself. Listening to a single gust billow through the timber, I realize that what I feel is scarcely a twitch in the larger scale of things, like the swirl from one stroke of a bird’s wing.

~ Richard Nelson, The Island Within

Image: Endlesspetrichor


  1. Yes..magnitude minimized…and controlled. Otherwise. it would be taking it’s toll , we humans can not face the winds of change..storm or breeze..forced on us..again and again..

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  2. We are a minute part of an ever moving and expanding universe. Yet we feel the twitch. Love the photo David.

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  3. Wonderfully evocative, pal, especially as it sit here drinking my coffee and watching the trees sway as the rain taps A delicate staccato on the windows. A front row seat at nature’s magnificent symphony.

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  4. The power of nature is unfathomable. We try to duplicate it or to top it at every turn. Yet, can we really duplicate something so delicate, beautiful and powerful as a bird’s wing?

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  5. So beautiful!

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  6. like a single eyelash dropping on your cheek.

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