Saturday Morning: Still clinging to sleep


Nothing will persuade me that sleep is not really quite positive, some forgotten refreshment at the ancient fountains of life. If this is not so, why do we cling to sleep when we have already had enough of it; why does waking up always seem like descending from heaven upon earth? I believe that sleep is a sacrament; or, what is the same thing, a food.

— G.K. Chesterton, Lunacy and Letters

Notes: Quote – Thank you Kurt @ Cultural Offering. Photo: pinterest


  1. I so agree with this, unfortunately my cats have an entirely different take on their humans sleeping in on Saturday’s. The sacrament here has something to do with communing with their food dish.

    Chesterton was such a fine writer! At least if I am going to be up an hour earlier than usual, it’s nice to happen upon his words of wisdom. Thank you David.

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  2. It’s that wonderful twilight time when all dreams are real and possible. Who wants to leave that?

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  3. So true. Now we are coming into our cooler months, waking up is extremely hard to do! Maybe need to head off to FIJI again ha 🙂

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