SMWI*: Tarahumara


“According to the Mexican historian Francisco Almada, a Tarahumara champion once ran 435 miles, the equivalent of setting out for a jog from New York City and not stopping till you were closing in on Detroit. Other Tarahumara runners reportedly went three hundred miles at a pop. That’s nearly twelve full marathons, back to back to back, while the sun rose and set and rose again. And the Tarahumara weren’t running along smooth, paved roads, either, but scrambling up and down steep canyon trails formed only by their own feet.”

~ Christopher McDougall, Born to Run



  1. There was a video & book back in the 1980’s that that spoke of paradigm changes, (What’s a paradigm?…twenty cents) and used this culture as one of the illustrations. They never wealked…they ran everywhere they went. I will need to find this and source it for you.

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  2. Don’t even think about it, David! :>)

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  3. Paradigm…love it. ☺ Paradigm shift…4 nickles ??

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  5. what a stunning feat, the human capacity is unbelievable.

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  6. This confirms it … I was not born to run.

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  7. Running in sandals is far more difficult than nothing at all…and yet his sandals are intact…wow.

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  8. How about paradigm shifting?

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  9. kmabarrett says:

    The book is excellent! I highly recommend it.

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