Saturday Afternoon

Brenda Ann Kenneally, photography,miami

Brenda Ann Kenneally portraits of vintage Miami 1992-1995. (Source:


  1. The 90s can’t be vintage already!!!

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  2. Feeling pre historic!

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  3. just float.

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  4. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Just float sounds about right…

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  5. Christie says:

    Great late 20th century image…Kenneally, a photo journalist has
    some notable credentials…My Saturday afternoon was spent down along the river, sportin’ 50 block dry formula Coppertone, for faces. It was fun Watching a family of Mergansers ride the rivers current and dive for fish. Soaring, above a pair of Osprey fly & glide and perched atop a granddaddy of a tree along the river bank…the sand I sat on was sprinkled with shinning gold flakes, great rocks & river clam shells. Groups of wild hatchling? hung in the shallows. The sweet pup dug and lazed in the sand – under the shade of river side vegetation. When I grabbed my hiking boots to put on for the return hike I noted a tick on my boot that had to be removed..pretty walk back to the cabin were the air conditioning was welcomed 🙂 My photos from the afternoon do not compare to Kenneally’s ..but they will be a reminder of my time spent… grateful for the experience..The Kinks sung a song, with lyrics “lazyin’ on a Sunday afternoon, in the summertime”..

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  6. You took my on a beautiful journey Christie. Thank you.


  7. You can tell it is “old” by the way the pool is built, and by the concrete table and the type of chair. Pools built in Miami now are all about the negative edge, where the water seems to be flowing endlessly over the horizon. The outdoor furniture (it’s not even called patio furniture anymore) is more modern, woven cushions, etc. Still, I would have lost the bet if someone said the 1990’s are vintage.

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  8. Vintage! Oh my goodness…I’ve just gone prehistoric! 😉

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  9. Christie says:

    Dave, thank you. The hatchlings -groups of very tiny salmon. Fun to watch them dart about under the sun ripples that move across the water, illuminating with it’s golden hue. Quite, mesmerizing… leaving this piece of paradise today & heading back toward home. Once home I will start counting the days until I hit the road to head out to explore some of America’s Grandeur…hoping to stop in Dell, MT to consume the best sourdough pancakes, Ever!!!! ( oh, the carbs) Gratefully, Christie

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