Gripping its shoulders with cool white hands


We see only the moon’s fixed face, as you know. It never turns aside in pain, in anger or disgust. It is thus the good parent, holding the earth at arm’s length, gripping its shoulders with cool white hands, turning and turning around it as if it were saying good-bye, as if it were taking one last long look. But the moon with its homely, familiar face, has been wishing that we fare well every evening for millions of years, fully knowing that we would be there in the morning, ready to try.

Photo: Russell Tomlin (The Oregon Honey Moon) via This is Everything



  1. Full moon! 😉


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  3. I do love the moon. I think we forget to appreciate this immense presence. 🙂

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  4. and ready to begin again.

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  5. Ahhhh, how I love Kooser’s way with words…. And I love the moon. It’s mercurial and at the same time so constant….

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  6. That last part just leaves me with a smile, a happy lopsided grin.

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