T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week


Source: Paper Ghosts



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    It’s Friday!!!! Yay …..

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  2. It has at that–I even watched a bit of snow fall yesterday afternoon–no, I’m not kidding. Hope that little lady is biking toward warmer climes, headwind be damned….

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    Need a weekend soooooooon…….!! 😉


  4. Bob Seger’s ‘Against The Wind’ keeps playing in my head..

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  6. onward.

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  7. against the wind all the way–sometimes it is invigorating though (sometimes it is not….)

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    Has your week been like this—-sometimes invigorating…..sometimes not……

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  9. YES!

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    Ain’t it the truth …

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  11. Certainly looks like the end to a rough week.

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  12. Next week you’ll have tail wind, I promise.

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  13. Gorgeous gif!! 🙂 I’ve had a week a bit like this, but without the bicycle! 😉

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