The Big Bubble

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Alex de Witte is an industrial designer from Goes, Netherlands. His latest works are the Big Bubble and Light Breeze, both lighting objects though very different products. The big Bubble is a very huge light made of blown glass. Each piece is unique (dimensions between 40 and 110 cm). The Big Bubble has won the first price for best product at Design District Amsterdam 2013, The Design Plus award 2014, the Red Dot design award 2014 and a Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum.

Don’t miss more of his collection here: The Big Bubble

Source: Ignant


  1. Christie says:

    I love the blown glass fixtures. I love to go watch the glass blowers. The pleasing to me, shape of the light fixtures is a reminiscent cross between a long balloon and a jelly bean 🙂 I love the milky colors. I noticed in the left hand column of Alex De Witte web page – a heading “Point of Sale” Made me think of a campaign by ,I think R,R.’s administration, ” Points of Light”. A cute story related to blown glass – the summer my daughter was eleven we were in the drapery design department of JC Penny and I said what do you think of the glass drapery rod, finals? She said, is that a piece of ‘Chihuly’ glass? I smiled. It was also the summer she loved to pull up stock quotes on the computer. What an interesting person, she is… I collect glass, probably because the home I grew up in had stain glass windows. One was broken when our dog jump through one window. It took six months for the glass to matched and shipped from France so the repair could be made. I used to drive past an art glass foundry when I was occasionally picking up my from her job. I would always slow way down sometimes actually stop in the road and stare in amazement at the large pile of colorful, shinning slag glass -wishing I could have a bucket full..(I love marbles & paperweights , too) Now I am thrilled to walk up the road and look at the hand blown glass pieces that adorn a garden ..I am thankful they share their displayed glass with those who maunder along the road…Dave, thanks for the opportunity to reflect on some pleasant memories.


    • Wonderful story Christie. Thanks for sharing.


      • Christie says:

        The shape of the light fixtures – btw it is national jelly bean week- I like jelly bean but didn’t indulge in the empty carbs. As I sit in front of the computer eating part of a plain lasagna noodle topped with butter and alder smoked salt. (were having homemade lasagna for dinner) I had a fewTrader Joe’s Raisin Rosemary Crisps (crackers) I am not a chip or cracker eater, normally. I drink only water, sometimes tea & very rarely one swallow of organic juice. ..

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  2. lovely design. i’m a huge fan of glass.

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