Permeated with an overwhelming sense of personal nostalgia


Steve Smith was born in England in 1975, where he still lives and works today. He has been painting professionally for 12 years, and is self taught, with no formal art training. The images he paints are snapshots of a dream reality…a form of escapism through vivid, luscious colour and fantastical recollection, permeated with an overwhelming sense of personal nostalgia. These are images to covet and escape into, inspired by rose-tinted memories of the artist’s youth – they are glossy, vibrant and provocative.

See more of Smith’s work here: Steve Smith

Source: The Sensual Starfish


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  2. full of life.

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  4. Christie says:

    Simple action that elicits, a smile, fond memories, lightness, carefree freedom & beauty of youth. Bubbles are fun to play with. Laughter joins in, infectiously. I love to watch little children blowing and trying to catch the bubbles. Joyful, silly times. btw I have a bottle of bubbles – I blow bubbles at least once a year 🙂 Be well, Christie

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  5. There is nothing like watches children blow and catch bubbles. I agree Christie.


  6. WOW!

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