SMWI*: Hold it Girl. Hold it.


Notes: Source: Nikewomen. SMWI*=Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration


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  2. Heading to hot yoga shortly–in an hour or so, this will be me (kinda, sorta, ok not really, but it’s fun to imagine…)

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  3. …I’m a little surprised to see this as I told my wife to stop letting people take pictures of her when she’s working out. She never listens…..

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  4. Wow that might even win the ‘more mesmerizing than the jell-o’ award…. OK I AM HEADING TO YOGA!

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  5. I’m dizzy….too much blood rushing to my head.

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  6. ow. wow.

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  7. Amazing.

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  8. Excellent. Great work there – how long does she keep doing it? Been watching for a few minutes now – will need to check back later 😉

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  9. that’s impressive!

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  10. How long should I watch it, waiting for her to come down?

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  11. Ummmm…No thanks. 😀

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  12. Stuck in a groove 😳

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