SMWI*: Synchro

Underwater Grace

Photographer Jonathan Yeap Chin Tiong’s photographs on synchronized swimming in Singapore has made the short-list of Sony World Photography Awards. More than 170,000 images compete for the award.

See more of the finalists photos here: See 30 of the Best Photos Short-Listed in the Sony World Photography Awards

SMWI* = Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration


  1. Of course this is what our water aerobics class looks like.

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  2. absolutely stunning perspective.

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  3. Christie says:

    Such a treat to glance through the 30 images, printed in Time magazine 🙂 The challenge and outcome of getting those shots.. .Made me think of how earlier this morning while the inhabitants along the road were sleeping; I was a sight in my pink sweat pants, sweater, blue flip flops equipped with a problematic point and shot camera, in un-gloved hands which were so cold they were changing colors. Me in pursuit of one day past, full moon hanging majestically in the early morning light. I could hear a train’s whistle blowing in the distance, see the evidence of the frost on the rooftops and cars & soon the momentary barking of two dogs, who live next to the house with the bright display of daffodils in front of a wonderful tree against a stone wall. I thought to myself how many people were missing the peace of the early mornings beauty….I also marveled at it being below freezing and how in a matter of hours the power of the sun will rise the temperature an additional 35 degrees to bring spring delight to the region. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of traveling with a very sore back 55 miles or so to the pristine coast – gonna be about 60 and sunny out along the blue Pacific…or I could stay home and enjoy the inland 65 degrees on the edge of the forest… certainly a winter season of extremes for both coasts…I hope you start to get some relief from the cold and snow.

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  4. “I thought to myself how many people were missing the peace of the early mornings beauty”

    And anyone who missed your comment this morning, would have missed something exquisite.


  5. Christie says:

    Thank You. Shared a sandwich made with love while staring at the breath taking ocean. Enjoyed the walks at different spot. Felt such joy at watching the pup roll and twist in the warm sand..Just before heading homeward,we stopped @ a favorite spot for bowl of clam chowder and split a warmed up serving of .Marion -berry cobbler topped off with what I think is the best vanilla ice cream in the world.We never turned on the radio or listened to cd’s we had some good conversation and some period of silence. We took in the beautiful sunset along a farm road paralleling the river in spots. The backdrop of the entire Coast Range in view. I was able to snap a few photos out the car window and the car was moving, ha 🙂 Fun to get shots of the moon in the morning before the earth’s rotation hides it from view and the evenings sun set on the same day…. Contentment – Full circle

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  6. Contentment, reading this. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful.


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