SMWI*: Meet Your Partner Do-Si-Do


Source: Danceon. SMWI*: Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration


  1. Ok, I’m sorry, but she’s just showing off….

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  2. After I was able to stop laighing at Donna’s comment, I’ll add: “Building strong relationships the hard way”

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  3. well, i could pull off the sitting the on couch, staring straight ahead, with my feet flat on the floor portion on this circus feat. that is all.

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  4. Taken just before the collapse ….
    On the other hand, thank you for the inspiration for something to do while waiting for the commercials on sunday!

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  5. It looks like he’s not doing a thing, but those elbows aren’t resting on anything except strength. It’s not easy being a rock.

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  6. yeah, right………….

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  7. The hubby and I have been practicing….we’re almost there.😉

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  8. a little different from the square dancing i was thinking of when i saw the title for your post…

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  9. It’s funny – steve and I were totally doing this this morning and then we saw your post and we were like – ya know, it’s steve’s turn for the backbend. ha!

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