TT*: Hear the playing cards slap in the spokes


The child is riding her bicycle up the hill. I stand and look around; the thick summer foliage blocks the road from view. I turn back toward the river and hear the playing cards slap in the spokes. They click and slap slowly, for the hill is steep. Now the pushing grows suddenly easier, evidently; the cards click and slap. At once, imperceptibly, she starts down. The pace increases. The cards are slapping and she is rolling; the pace speeds up, she is rolling, and the cards are slapping so fast the sounds blur. And so she whirs down the hill. I can see her through the woods downstream where the road evens out. She is fine, still coasting, and leaning way back.

~ Annie Dillard, “Aces and Eights.” Teaching a Stone to Talk.

Notes: TT* = Throwback Thursday. Image: Maurizio Raffa via Sensual Starfish


  1. Such a sensory delight!

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  2. thanks for bringing to mind some happy memories — one of my favourite sounds

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  3. love the senses and the memories this post evokes. also a metaphor for life – slowly rolling your way uphill and then reaching the pinnacle and rolling downhill with your card slapping, faster and faster and god knows where you’ll land – until you hit the end of the trail, and then it is quiet once more. all that remains is a faint trace in the dirt where your bike once flew.

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  4. And here I thought olfactory memories were the most evocative….wonderful pal…

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  5. dreamy photo – nice quote.. Eve

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  6. Great throwback!

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  7. Thanks for the memories!

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  8. Only doubles and detested players got shredded on my bike. I can still remember how disappointed I was as the cards wore out, ceasing to make that delightfully powerful buzzing.

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  9. …and I yearn for summer..the carefree, easy, warmth. I can hear the cards clicking in my mind…

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  10. I’m there…

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